Thursday, March 4, 2010

The latest addition to the flavor line

is Cantaloupe Freeze...some of the best ones start out to be something else and then decide that's not what they want to be. Such is the case with this one. It was supposed to be Peach Smoothie, a nice soft peach color but the yarn said nope, it wanted to be darker. It reminds me of the flesh of a cantaloupe. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Listings

So the dye pots have been hot and lots of stuff coming out. Spin-a-Yarn, a wonderful little yarn store in Vacaville, is carrying Crafts Meow yarn and selling it quite well. I'm taking a new supply over there 3/10 so if you're in the area stop in and say hello! She's requested jeweltone and pastel semi-solids but I'll take a few variegated pieces as well.

New Etsy listings include pastel solids for the Solid Socks group KAL in April on Ravelry - join in the fun! And the Blankie group is buying up Kiddie Scoops almost faster than I can make them.

Cantaloupe Freeze is the newest semi-solid and will hit Etsy tomorrow after I get it photographed. And a new one I think I'm going to call Punkin Twist will be up too. Go on over and take a look...I'm much better at keeping Etsy up to date than I am this blog :-).