Monday, November 15, 2010


For the loyal customers who follow this blog and keep in contact on Ravelry, I apologize for being so absent in the running of my business. I haven't dyed in probably two months and I know my site is looking pretty empty and sad. But there is dyeing to be done!! I've been living without hot water for over a week and today the gas company is supposed to come (finally) to fix that. My job is a 90 minute commute (each way) and I'm just dead by the time I get home. But my skeiner should arrive this week and I plan to rig up a way to hang yarn out on the little patio over the weekend and get at least a few new ones dyed - if you've got a special request for what to do first please send me a note! Very soon you'll hear me say I'm back...and in the meantime I'll just fill you in on the move.

Love Love LOVE the house and the area in general. I'm learning my way around and my two girls are loving being the center of attention without any competition from alpha cat Bailey. I miss Bailey though. Nelson, aka Sir Barfsalot, is with the soon-to-be-ex and it's really nice to be able to walk around my house barefoot without worrying about stepping in his latest mess. I would have loved to bring Sofie and had 3 girls but she and Nelson have never been apart and at the age of 9 they should never be separated. Even if their dad does lock them in the bathroom for hours at a time.

Anyway, I know where the dyes are, and the pots, so I'm good. Just need hot water and some time. Stay tuned...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to Catch a Cricket - by Katie

I am the cat who refuses to give in to the diagnosis of kidney failure. I just refuse. In June 2009 Dr.Heit told mom I had end stage renal failure and would probably not live another 3 months. HA! Here I am. 18 months later and I'm doing just fine. And I have moved to Arizona with my mom and...well...other cat I don't like much...Chanel. She's just a prissy-butt who doesn't dare tarnish her tiara by actually doing anything other than sucking up to mom. But that's okay...I get my share of lovin'. And I got all kinds of praise last night for making sure this cricket didn't get over to the sofa where mom was sitting. She's afraid of anything with more than 4 legs and I just don't get's yummy stuff!!

So first of all, you have to trap the cricket and make sure it knows who's boss. I scared him into submission because I'm so much bigger than he was. HA!

Then you slap it with your paw and stick it with your claw - this makes it so it can't move so it won't try to run anymore and jump away!

Chew carefully, and enjoy. My tummy is happy. And Mom is too.

I apparently will not get the opportunity to do this again in the near future. Mom called somebody called an exterminator who sprayed smelly stuff around the baseboards inside the house. It didn't smell too bad but it didn't smell too good either. Then he went outside and he sprayed really stinky stuff in the garage and all around the outside of the house. Mom said she didn't want crickets here because scorpions love them and she would move back to CA if she sees a scorpion. That wouldn't be good. I laughed when she said "If I see a scorpion then the soon-to-be-ex doesn't look so bad."

I better get off the computer now before Mom realizes I posted to her blog. Must wipe my paw prints off the keyboard too. BYE!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting here Part I

My friend Corliss flew in from Portland to help drive the truck. We left Friday morning, 11/5 and when we were on 580 not quite to I-5 we encountered this scene. It was a rollover accident involving a van of 8 people. Two were injured badly enough to be airlifted by Med-evac helicopters and we had front row seats. Unfortunately one person died at the scene. We were the first vehicle to be pulled to a stop at the scene so they could leave room to land the helicopters.
Med-Evac helicopter #1 arrives and lands on freeway

I believe there were 5 fire/rescue vehicles, at least 7 Highway Patrol, and 4 or 5 ambulances.

This ambulance, one of 5 I believe on scene, carried away 2 people who had been injured.

Helicopter 2 flying off with injured person