Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Katie Kat and that damn elusive tail

Katie is my little tortie who was diagnosed with end stage renal failure and given only 3-6 months to live. That was June 1, 2009. Today is July 21, 2010 and she is showing signs of going nowhere. And chasing that damn tail she can never quite catch. Enjoy!


Laurie said...

Renal failure is a strange thing. My Lester was diagnosed with it when he was 10. We did sub-q fluids for two weeks and started him on k/d. His levels came back to normal, and he lived within five days of six more years with no other problems till the very end (and this kidneys weren't what did him in). I hope Katie has many more tail-chasing days ahead of her! :-)

CraftsMeow said...

She doesn't even eat the k/d. When we first got the dx, the doc gave us k/d and some pills to stimulate her appetite. She hated being isolated in the bedroom by herself but she was so sick we kept her back there so she could just rest and not be bothered by her cousins (at the time, 5 other cats, now there are 4 others). She HATED the k/d and wouldn't eat it. We kept her in there for about 2 weeks, taking her in for sub-cu fluids twice during that time, and after 2 weeks she was her old self. She stayed on the meds for about 6 months and regained all of the weight she'd lost and has now been off the meds for 6 months. She's lost a pound, so I'm watching her closely, but she's eating well and plays a LOT, chirps at the squirrels and the birds who tease her from the deck, and chasing her tail is an activity she participates in at least 3 times a day.