Saturday, September 4, 2010

New most popular flavor?

I did a version of Witch's Brew, but left out the black. It started as an accident, but I thought it looked super cool so I went ahead and listed it. Now I can't keep it in stock! More is headed for the dye pot on Monday, but here's a look.

And be sure to click the handmade pledge - think artisans first for unique items for yourself and for gifts! We're just trying to make our own place in this crazy world :) Take the handmade pledge.

And my last thing for today: I started a MBA program...what the hell was I thinking? This stuff is not easy so if you really love doing algebraic equations and think it's fun to do all kinds of math problems, wanna do my homework for me? Egads...took me 3 hours yesterday for one stinking homework problem. But it's done. Submitted. And hopefully not all wrong. Uneven cash flow stream? Does this stuff really get used in the business world, or is it just busy work for grad students?

Have a great holiday weekend y'all. I'm planning to knit knit knit today!

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Maegwin said...

Love the new colorway! It reminds me of that fall mix that you can get from Brachs with the bats and haystacks and candy corn and pumpkins. Can you tell I love it? Sadly, yes we do use uneven cash flow streams. I love doing math and algebraic equations though. Do you remember when I was doing one on my whiteboard at work one day with you? I use them all the time! Let me know if you ever need help and either I or my brainy husband can probably lend a hand.