Sunday, March 8, 2009


Am I really a housewife now? Wow...who woulda thunk it? I've had absolutely zero response to resumes, and the job listing I get for payroll professionals every other week has maybe 3 jobs listed, never any that are local, when the list used to be 25-30 positions. So, I guess 25 years' experience and a degree just doesn't count for much in this economy. So my life now revolves around the house, planning menus and making dinner, and making economical choices. Such as:

  • The kitties no longer get premium cat food...they get Cat Chow Indoor Formula mixed with Costco brand. And they don't throw up anymore! So all we needed to do to quit having to clean up cat yuk every day was to put them on cheap food. Go figure...
  • If the kitties don't get premium cat food then Prada doesn't get premium dog food least not as much. Her food is now mixed with Beneful and she couldn't care less.
  • Dinner is still the best cuts of meat, but we buy in bulk so it costs less and I've learned to actually do something with leftovers! Did you know that leftover chicken and/or leftover tri-tip makes for GREAT enchiladas? I didn' I do. I used to put leftovers in the fridge, wait until they would look like a science experiment, and then throw them away. Not so any longer!
  • Yarn diet...sigh. Nope. I won't lower my standards on this one...ever. But I am committed to knitting up everything I own before I die. The first thing on my bucket list I guess.
Ray did an in-person interview after a successful phone screening and felt good about it. But it's been a week and they haven't called. Now, looking back on it, he's thinking it was more fishing for information rather than honestly looking for a web architect. Bummer...

So life goes on. This week it's time to find an accountant to start our taxes. I sure hope there will be good news on that front.

Chanel's latest picture - she helps me knit! Actually she just sleeps.

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