Monday, March 30, 2009

Original Creations

So I've decided that I have enough of an eye for color that I can hand dye yarn for sale. From my first couple that I like so much that I'm not willing to part with, however, this could become somewhat of another addiction! Anyway, I'm working on color recipes at this point, and using only non-toxic dyes. My first two that I'm happy with are pictured here. The one I'm not so happy with is not refuses to stop bleeding and even dyed my fingers for me after it was dry when I was just trying to wind it. But these two are a success and I'm keeping them. When I get my first order of bare yarn I'll start working on it for real and put it up on etsy. In the meantime, just the stitch markers are available

Pictured here: Pineapple Sherbet and Fruit Bowl (top and side shots to show the colors of honeydew base, and splashes of strawberry and raspberry).

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