Thursday, October 28, 2010

So sorry for being away so long...

Wow. What a difference a month makes. On September 25 I had a family issue that led me to begin questioning what I really wanted from my life, however short or long it may be. I realized that I need to be with Jillian and her family, rather than drifting into a non-existence with my husband. We have grown apart and we keep trying again but we keep having the same result...probably because we never do anything different!! Anyway, I made the decision on September 27 to move to AZ, look for work and a home, and proceed with my life in a much better mind set and in a much better situation.

And here I am. One month later. Today I was offered one job, which I accepted, and then called by both of the other HR departments for the other 2 positions I'd interviewed for and set up for testing and further interviews. And then I got the call from the realtor that I also got approved for the house I'd fallen in love with.

My new birthdate, or I guess "re" birthdate? 10/28/10. A very good day for me. I accepted the position offered, and also accepted the testing and 2nd interviews. Which one is the right one for me will become apparent I am sure in pretty quick time.

In the meantime, this is my new house! It's having some work done as the prior owners did some damage on their way out, but by the time I move in it will be perfect. And Katie and Chanel will move in with me and I just know they're going to love scampering around in their new living space.

Front Kitchen Window - Chanel and Katie will LOVE this!

Built-in storage in the garage

And a work area in the garage - how cool is that??

And the living room...TV will be against that wall


Maegwin said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you. :) I was hoping that everything would turn out great and it sounds like it is all looking up so far. And you have an area to dye yarn if you want to in the garage!

Laurie said...

Happy "birthday", and congratulations on all the big and positive changes in your life!!! Wishing you all the best!