Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting here Part I

My friend Corliss flew in from Portland to help drive the truck. We left Friday morning, 11/5 and when we were on 580 not quite to I-5 we encountered this scene. It was a rollover accident involving a van of 8 people. Two were injured badly enough to be airlifted by Med-evac helicopters and we had front row seats. Unfortunately one person died at the scene. We were the first vehicle to be pulled to a stop at the scene so they could leave room to land the helicopters.
Med-Evac helicopter #1 arrives and lands on freeway

I believe there were 5 fire/rescue vehicles, at least 7 Highway Patrol, and 4 or 5 ambulances.

This ambulance, one of 5 I believe on scene, carried away 2 people who had been injured.

Helicopter 2 flying off with injured person

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