Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Appliances and Interviews...

Our new stove arrived yesterday...I am so excited! We have to have someone come in and install it though. The current stove is a drop in model that is hard-wired, and the new one is a slide-in (or could be freestanding if we had the room) with a smooth cooktop and double oven. Right now it's sitting in the dining room and hopefully we'll be able to get someone out here early next week to do the installation.

And when it rains it falls...the washer is dead so we bought a new washer and dryer too. Those come on Friday and hopefully the same installer can do those at the same time. I decided I want to paint the laundry room a pretty color...maybe a sunny yellow that will compliment the new teal washer and dryer. These appliances are more efficient than what we own now so maybe we can get our electric and water bills down a bit.

And finally...I hate interviews. Today's interview is with a recruiter, so it will get my resume out there and hopefully some prospects.

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Cara said...

good luck! kick some recruiter ass!