Friday, February 6, 2009

Charity Knitting

I've started going to Thursday night charity knitting at Benicia Knitting Circle, something I've wanted to do on a regular basis for a long time but when I was working I'd have to come home first to feed Prada, and then I wouldn't want to go back out. So now we go together and it's so great! Last month we did hats for a homeless shelter in Fairfield, so I knitted one and contributed the Hat Attack hat that killed me. This month the recipient is Project Linus and while it's exciting to think of knitting up a cute blankie for a child in need, it's ominous considering how many things I've already got on needles. Can we say a baby blanket for Paula's baby coming in April, a sweater for me, and 3 (soon to be 4) pair of socks? And I want to do a baby sweater too...YIKES! Anyway, the lady who heads up the project here comes to the group too and will be collecting blankets year-round so I don't feel like I absolutely have to do one this month. I do see this as a great opportunity to use up some old Michaels stash that's been hanging around for a very long time because I don't like acrylic yarn. This might be just the way to make good use of it because the blankets have to be machine washable/dryable. So I guess I'll start a Linus blanket now ;-)

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Cara said...

so many projects on the needles isnt that bad! its not like you have 100 or more. :)