Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's not carpal tunnel!!

None of the treatments prescribed were working for my wrist, including that totally painful cortisone shot, so the hand specialist ordered a MRI because he couldn't understand why nothing worked. I got the results yesterday and I've got ganglion cysts in there. Oh joy! I had one removed close to 30 years ago and they told me at the time that these things are notorious for coming back...and it did. And it brought a friend. Because now there are 2.

The good news? Never cancerous, never dangerous.

The bad news? When it does start hurting like hell I brace it and live with it. Until there is time to have the cysts removed. Which isn't going to be anytime soon with Sock Summit, Stitches Midwest and Stitches East coming up.

I was going to post a link to a YouTube video or something about ganglions but..uh...when I typed in ganglion cysts into google I found a really gross video with some idiots cutting open a guy's neck and squeezing out more nasty stuff than you'd think could ever be there. Ick! "Yeah doc I uh have this big infection on my neck because I let my friends operate on me..." Duh. I won't share that video here since it's really nasty.

Time to go back to dyeing...

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