Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So what is a proper burial?

We live in Cordelia, kind of a wind tunnel. It's really windy here like all the time. So the other day I find a half of an eggshell on my walk, and so I started looking for the nest which had to be in the trees right there. Couldn't see one. Then I found the baby bird, dead, in the driveway about 20' away. So poor little thing had fought his way out of his shell only to get blown out of his nest. I presume. I didn't think it was appropriate to leave him in the driveway where he'd get squished by tires, so I took him to the flower bed figuring that would be a better final resting place. Is that appropriate? I hope he has a peaceful forever after such a rough, and short, beginning.

It's been pretty hot for the past couple of days and it hasn't been windy at all so the yarn is drying very fast! A good thing since I leave for Sock Summit 3 weeks from today. YIKES!!!

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pendie said...

My sister once buried a bird that died by flying into our window. She put it in the flower garden with a little cross. I think the flower bed is very appropriate for the poor little birdie.