Friday, July 10, 2009

It's taken a week but...

It's taken a full week using the electric skeiner to get everything I'd dyed already wound and ready for sale. So tomorrow it's back to the kitchen to dye more yarn! Interesting experience though when I leaned forward and the skeiner was spinning...just about gave me a concussion as it went off the table and nearly through the 8' living room window. It took about an hour before I could see straight, but neither of us were badly hurt. I keep forgetting about the welts on my head and scratch the itch, which serves as a quick reminder that there are bruises there. No worse for wear though!!

Katie is doing extremely much better than I expected. She's gained well over a pound since the vet gave her the pills to increase her appetite and curb the nausea. She's playful and no longer sunken in. Her purrsonality has completely changed too. She's no longer all. Just the opposite. She wants to be held, preferred pose is over our shoulder just like a baby, and carried everywhere. She kneads on everything and purrs constantly. I'm glad I gave her the chance because those first two weeks after her diagnosis I was ready to go ahead and pull the proverbial plug. Now you'd never know she is sick!

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pendie said...

Yeah for Katie! You watch out for that crazy skeiner; I want to see you and your gorgeous yarn at SS