Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sock Summit Prep...nearly done! maybe

The process for getting ready for Sock Summit has been intense. Exhilarating. Creative. Fun. Exhausting. Anticipation. And much more...

It's winding down. My goal was for this week to do no dyeing. At all. That whatever I'd dyed through Saturday 7/25 would be it. I'd then get it all skeined, packed up in the suitcase Sheila is taking for me on Southwest and the rest in my trunk. And then the Dye for Glory voting started. Creating some special flavors for that event has proven to be quite successful. Witch's Brew is by far the front runner in my Etsy shop now. I dyed an extra 40 skeins just to fill orders and make sure I had some to take with me to Sock Summit. I've got a little yarn store in Utah asking for some too that they can sell during the Halloween season.

Portland's Passion has done well too. I had to make another 20 or so skeins of it to make sure I had some to take to Sock Summit. It would be rather weird to get to the summit and have none of the yarn that got named 'specially for the event!

This is all so amazing to me. I knew when I started this that I had some great ideas for different flavors and I was sure I could make 'em pretty enough to want to buy. But the response has been tremendous. And now I'm worried that I won't have enough for Sock Summit. But I'm not going back in the kitchen right now! Can't do it...too much else to get done.

On the to do list for today: make signage. Laminated menus to be placed around the booth so people know what stuff costs. Time to get off the blog and get that done! If you hear snoring, you'll know that I fell asleep trying to get the signs done.

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Maegwin said...

I'm so glad things are taking off for you! I knew you would be successful. Now I just need to buy my yarn shop so I can carry your yarn. hehe Thanks for taking an hour out of your crazy schedule to chat with me last night about babies.