Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A disease called castonitis

I guess all knitters go through this. There is a disease I believe I am afflicted with called caston-itis. It is a disease caused by an addiction. The addiction is knitting socks. See yarn? Envision the socks it could become. But envisioning those socks isn't good enough...must cast on and start making them!

Jillian's lacy knee hi's,

which are going to be way cute, but they're knee highs so is there an end...ever?

The bright panda cotton hole-y socks

I started 2 weeks ago when it was way hot and I couldn't stand the thought of touching wool. Those are nearly done since I'm not making long socks, but simply ankle socks.

And May's challenge for SKA is cables, so I picked a pattern out of the new Sock Innovation book, and they'll be my first socks by this designer. I've gone through one exhausting 28-row pattern repeat and was like "am I done yet?" those 28 rows didn't get me very far.

OH! And May also has a mystery sock pattern. I've never done one, so I started that one too (no pictures yet...)

So what happens? I'm on the phone with Jillian yesterday and she tells me that every time she wears her socks I made (not originally made for her, but they became hers after she tried them on and fell in love with them) from panda silk that Sarah gets all jealous and says she wishes they weren't so girly because if they weren't pink she'd have to share. And she asked if maybe I would make her a pair of socks. So that translated to "I have to make them NOW!" So, Sarah's socks have officially been started.

Can I make Sarah a pair of socks and not make a pair for Noah? No...that wouldn't be a very good grandma, now would it? So I've got the dark green Tofutsies I bought for him long ago sitting out here waiting...

I dyed a pot the other day of a color I'm calling butterscotch and it's gorgeous! It has a pattern called Hypnosis from my Eclectic Sole book screaming "make me make me NOW!" The only reason they have not yet begun is I'm out of needles. Maybe that means I should actually put that yarn up on Etsy so I'm not tempted to use it myself. I can always dye more, right?

What to do what to do??? Buy more sock needles? Sounds good to me. KnitPicks is bookmarked...


Cara said...

Meanwhile, for the past two weeks I've been knitting a baby hat. For a newborn. And I've only got 3 inches. Pathetic!

Maegwin said...

You crack me up. I wish I had cast-on-itis. I haven't felt like knitting anything for weeks. I finally started a pair of baby socks but they are going so slow.