Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New babies, new venture, and rejection

This yarn dyeing venture is going to take off...I feel it. Now I need to learn to set up an accounting system. Ray got me Microsoft Accounting 2009 and I haven't even gotten past the initial stage of setting up accounts. Fortunately I've been tracking everything in Excel and if I have to hire someone to set it up for me then I'll at least be able to send them something to start with.

My advertising on Ravelry starts June 1. I did a one-day feature ad on Etsy on Saturday and got 2 sales that day, so that was a good thing!

And it suddenly occurred to me that my job hunting has resulted in 'thanks but no thanks' letters...something I'm not really accustomed to. I've been turned down for jobs that I'm way overqualified for, which I guess is to be expected...but at least I'm not at TPL right now where layoffs are happening yet again. The pressure cooker environment around there when those are pending are just not worth it.

Oh! And I pulled 3 newborn Siamese kittens, 2 boys and a girl, from a really bad situation this afternoon. Hopefully the shelter can find another foster pretty quick...

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Maegwin said...

Aww so cute! Let me know if you need any help. I haven't used that particular program before but I am pretty savvy about accounting...or at least I should hope so or I wasted a whole lot of money on my degree. :)