Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Accomplishments

While I'm kind of beating myself up about not feeling like knitting, I realize I was actually quite productive this weekend despite it being really hot (105 here Saturday and Sunday). I got my airline tickets for both Stitches East and Midwest and made my hotel reservations. I knew stockpiling all of those air miles would pay off someday!

I have no undyed yarn left in my house...waiting for the next shipment to arrive.

I created my menu for the display table at the shows - it's so cute! I made it real simple in Word and it looks like a restaurant dessert menu - ice cream and banana splits in a wide variety of flavors.

Not exactly productive, but I did destroy a skein of yarn too and I did it badly. I hated the way it looked but it was too dark to overdye, so I tried color remover. Not a good idea for sock was really slimy and nasty and went from the pot to the garbage. But how would I have known until I tried?? And it's a business loss for tax purposes, right?

Would it be totally crazy to dye Chanel in a nice little rainbow of color and photograph her to show how nontoxic my dye really is? She got a bit of pink and blue on her tail a couple of weeks ago and it looked really cute! Don't know how she did it...

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mycreditmatters said...

you know it can be quite ironic. when it seems like i press myself to get a project completed and work on it nonstop, it seems like i never finish. so the sweater that i am working on i have put things into proper perspective. i went back to working out and devote a couple hours each night to my sweater and now it seems like i am moving faster towards completing it. weird, huh!