Monday, May 18, 2009

This week's disease

Okay so last week I had castonitis...wanting to cast on more when what I've got on the needles already are not finished. Now I don't know what to call this disease...maybe it'snevergonnabefinished-itis.

My first Cookie A socks, Vilai, are at the half way point. And I'm reminded why I don't like knitting socks cuff down...I already know they don't fit because she thinks everyones legs are a skinny 8", and the foot is going to take forever. Or so it seems. I have to finish them because even though I can't wear them they'll be great to display in my booth at Sock Summit.

Jillian's lacy knee high socks have heels, and I'm thinking "how far do I have to go to get to her knees?" Umm...maybe not.

Finished the air conditioned socks and they're so cute! But I started the heel too soon to have ankle shortie socks, so I need to rip'em back to before the heel and make the foot part a bit longer. Why didn't I realize that at the time? Guess I should have tried them on more often.

I've been dying to do Hypnosis from the Electic Sole and so I started them with some yarn I'm not happy with the way the dye job came out (for sale) but I like it (for me). If that makes sense. So those got started when I had castonitis.

So NOW somebody posted an adorable pair of socks that I really want to re-create and I can dye myself the yarn even...

Problem is...I don't feel like knitting. At all. How did that happen? I hope this disease passes quickly.

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