Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doctors are confused!

The ortho that gave me that &#$*@^ cortisone shot 2 weeks ago did a re-eval today and looked totally perplexed, basically having no clue as to whether this is carpal tunnel or not. So now I get to do an MRI. Yippee!! I'm game - that's non-invasive and non-painful. If it's a cyst, it's one that can't be seen (or felt) from the outside so this should be interesting.

Knitting group tonight was fun - I took my latest batch of yarns to show and see the reactions and the overwhelming favorites were Harbor Lights and Grape-Blueberry Freeze. And a "I must have Obama's Favorite but not today." I love this because they are receptive so it further validates that I'm on the right track.

Any suggestions for yarn names that can somehow be tied to ice cream or desserts welcome. The most recent one involved migraine recovery and I love it! Midnight Craving is coming...drying as I type. Especially for my preggy friend. Hope she agrees that the colors would satiate a midnight craving for something sweet. More pictures tomorrow.

OH! And I started an advertising campaign to launch on Ravelry June 1, and I've been accepted as a prize donation source for the Sock Knitters Anonymous group, which means **FREE** advertising on that group. Over 7,000 members on that one so that should be well worth the cost of a skein of yarn! Such exciting stuff...

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