Sunday, June 7, 2009

Amazing stuff

I took Katie to the vet yesterday morning to get some sub-cu fluids and the doc said not to expect it to have an immediate effect, but that it should help lower her BUN level, which would in turn help her to feel well enough to eat some. She's gotten pretty good at taking the pills, I really think she "knows" and even though the pill isn't the greatest thing, it qualifies as quality time with mom :-) Anyway, the fluids in conjunction with taking the pills regularly did have an immediate effect. She ate immediately when I brought her home. Not much, but at least she ate something - like 1/2 teaspoon of food. Eating like that won't sustain her for long, but at least she still seems comfortable.

And baby kittens have been passed off to a new foster mom which sure helps me to get more sleep! I think they'll do well - they had opened their eyes and were chubby little roly-poly babies already.

I bought a featured spot on etsy today and that gets a bit more traffic to see my pretties. I have much yarn to skein up before my order arrives with more to dye, but I also have a paper to finish that is due - 2 more weeks of grad school then I'm done done done done done! I really hate school.

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