Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miss Katie's 4th birthday

I spent the day at Lissa's annual IPP, so I was in San Jose. Ray texted me around noon saying that Katie was calling her mommy, just walking around the house crying for me all day. When I got home she was right there at the door voicing her displeasure that I was gone all day without her.

She's never been like this, so do animals just know that their time is almost up and get weird like this? She even lets Ray pet her, and in her little short 4 years of life that's never happened before. She's always hissed at him and ran like hell.

Anyway, Katie's 4th birthday was yesterday, June 23. And she won't make it to her 5th. But she seems to feel okay, she is eating and drinking and staying hydrated. I noticed today when I got home though that her bad breath odor has returned. I'll call the vet tomorrow and see if that's indicative of something I should be concerned about.

Anyway, once I got home this afternoon she parked herself in my lap and kneaded on my neck and chest. She kneads really hard, and I wish she'd do it on my back - it would be a great massage! I fell asleep to her kitty massage and Ray took pictures...

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