Saturday, June 20, 2009

I is a graduate!

Figured I'd play on improper grammar for a minute. I started my graduate degree program in January 2008 and finished this week! I now have a master's degree in HR Management. The original plan when I started the program was to supplement my full-time job income by teaching online HR courses. Now that I have no traditional full-time job income, I still hope to teach HR online but I also want CraftsMeow to support me so that I don't have to go into a traditional work environment again. Time shall tell. So I'm spending a great deal of time looking online for teaching opportunities at colleges that offer online courses. DeVry University has an HR program but there are no current openings for HR instructors. UofP doesn't have an HR program; however I would think they would have some HR classes required...I've had no luck finding any such openings there either. I may have to pick up the phone on Monday and make phone calls and actually talk with people.

Anyway, anyone who's out there considering going for a master's, I was really surprised that every single course required writing pages and pages of reports. I write well and I know the subject well since I've been an HR professional for more than a few years, but it was just one report after another. I really feel bad for the instructor who had to read all of those pages.

Oh wait...that will be me if I become an HR instructor, won't it? I hate reading anything that is filled with spelling and grammatical errors, so I'll be a pretty tough teacher in that regard.

Anyone hiring?

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Maegwin said...

Congrats! Have you tried Cal State East Bay? They have the Hayward and Concord campus and I know they offer online courses since I took more than a few myself. I'll hopefully be doing some grad school within the next year or two once I get settled into the mom thing.