Friday, June 5, 2009

New foster parent!!

YAY!! I found someone who will take over the fostering responsibilities for the kittens. She's experienced, having done this many times just like me. She's got a lab that loves to 'mother' the kittens and I can't wait to see pictures. How nice it would be to have a four-legged critter in the house that would take over the cleaning part of this - these guys have to have a full bath every meal. I won't miss that.

Yarn shipment didn't arrive yet, so I am going to play this weekend. I'd expected to be buried under 800 skeins of yarn begging to become something other than white, but it looks like that won't happen until Monday now. That will give me time to go buy some more dye - ran out of some critical colors.

Katie has stopped eating and drinking...already. It seems like maybe she knows and has made peace. Very strange because she was eating and drinking up until the vet visit that resulted in this dx. The only thing she's eaten since is a teaspoon of baby food chicken. The vet gave me some special food today as well as some pills to counteract the nausea he says she's feeling - we got the pill down her...ever read the funny really long humorous thing about how to give a cat a pill? This was similar - if she had more strength and energy it probably would have been exactly like that...but I wouldn't call the SPCA. Anyway, got the pill down her and a teaspoon of the special food but she still hasn't eaten or drank anything. Doc is going to give her some sub-cu fluids in the morning, which he said will make her feel a bit better so maybe she'll eat. If she still refuses I may go ahead and have her put down on Monday. She has a very sad face...I don't know if she's telling me goodbye or save me.

She does sit in the window sill like always, but she used to chatter at the squirrels and birds and she doesn't chatter anymore...just stares. And our conversations are now limited to a single meow...she doesn't answer back like she used to. I swear it's like she's just ready and is getting all the cuddles she can before that time comes.

She sure as hell doesn't want that pill though.


pendie said...

My thoughts are with you this weekend

Maegwin said...

Aww I'm so sorry to hear about Katie. Having gone through something similar with my lab I had for fourteen years I know it isn't easy to see them slowly fade away. He had white blood cell cancer and by the end wasn't eating and would just stand and shake because laying down was too painful. I hope she goes peacefully when the time comes and that you enjoy her as much as you can now. *Big hugs*