Friday, June 12, 2009

Easier trip today

Today it was time to take Prada and Sofie for their shots. They were so easy. Sofie cried in the car a bit, but not too bad, and Prada loves riding in the car so much that she's like a bouncing ball. Sofie weighed in at a hefty 15#...which is heavy for a cat but she's got maine coon in her and she's been this size since she was a year old so it's not unusual for her. Prada weighed in at 11#, too heavy for a Yorkie, so she gets her weight management lower calorie food reduced starting tomorrow. She's NOT going to be happy about that. And Miss Katie has been feeling much better but we gave her a sub-cu fluid treatment anyway. She's feeling so good that she's up here on the back of the chair. All it took to get her to start drinking was to buy her a fountain water bowl. In fact, two of them so she has one in the bedroom too. Much better than toilet water.

I got a whole bunch of the new Banana Split II skeined up and on Etsy. I really like the way it takes the color - much deeper and richer than the original Banana Split. Look how pretty!!

Blackberry Tea
and Blue Curacao

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