Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's drying time again...

My yarn drying time has been an issue because space to dry it that is away from where any of the cats is pretty limited. My shower, Ray's shower, and then move it into my office where I skein it. And it takes forever to dry, even when I spin it first.

We live in a pretty windy area, and I couldn't get my brain wrapped around how to dry it outside without having yarn all over town. So I bought a cheap clothing rack, put it together, and hung some yarn out this morning while it was warm and no wind. But the wind came in one quick swoop and knocked it over.

Ray came out to help me pick it all up, fortunately off the deck which is clean so I didn't have to rewash, and then strung me a clothesline of sorts. Cheap rope, cheap shower curtain hooks, and the yarn was dry in a little over an hour.

And I had a visitor - isn't she cute?

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