Monday, June 15, 2009

Nelson's turn

So today was Nelson's turn at the vet. He's really good - didn't make a peep. He got his shots and a year's worth of his meds and a little shave, along with doctor's orders to brush him every single day. He's so big and round at 16 1/2 pounds that he doesn't groom himself real well. But isn't he a handsome devil?? 8 years old but doesn't look a day over 7. He does have a bit of that deer in the headlights look in this picture though.

And the drying on the deck is going really well. I haven't quite gotten a good rhythm down though to get stuff dyed and skeined so I stay ahead of the curve. I'm backed up about 100 skeins waiting to be skeined...only 800 more to go.

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